Thursday, October 5, 2023

76: Back to School at the APA-IL State Conference

Ancel Glink attorneys recently attended the 2023 APA-IL State Conference in Naperville, presenting planning law session, providing plan commissioner training, and catching up with friends and colleagues in the planning field. Tune into this episode of Quorum Forum to hear Ancel Glink’s Erin Monforti and Katie Nagy engage conference participants with recent planning law cases, while attorneys Dan Bolin and Megan Mack share their experiences attending and presenting at the conference.




Justice Department Settles Housing Discrimination Lawsuit Against the Village of Hinsdale, Illinois, for $800,000

Court of Appeals Upholds City’s Denial of Cannabis Dispensary

Court Rejects Challenge to Residential Rental Registration Ordinance

Appellate Court Upheld Rulings in Favor of Village in Lawsuit for Property Damages

Appellate Court Upholds Code Enforcement Against Homeowners

Supreme Court Issues Decision in Challenge to Austin’s Sign Regulations

No Taking Where Dam Removal Lowered Water Level Along Owner’s Property

2024 APA-IL State Conference

2023 MCI Training Institute and Academy Registration 

IPELRA 2023 Annual Training Conference

Township Officials of Illinois 2023 Conference

Illinois Library Association Annual Conference

IAPD Legal Symposium




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