Thursday, September 7, 2023

75: APA-CMS Bar Exam 2023

The annual APA-CMS Bar Exam is back to celebrate the 75th episode of Ancel Gink’s Quorum Forum Podcast and provide a realistic simulated law school experience for planners and land use professionals. Recorded live at the Haymarket Pub and Brewery on August 16, 2023, listen to Ancel Glink attorneys Daniel Bolin, Megan Mack, and Greg Jones discuss the most important planning law cases of the year. Email your land use and zoning questions to!




Seventh Circuit Upholds Digital Sign Ban Citing Recent Supreme Court Case

City’s Citation for Business License Violation Upheld by Court

Appeals Court Decides Challenge to Short Term Rental Ordinance

Court Upholds Charge Against Owner for Removing Buckthorn on Neighbor’s Property

City Immune From Tort Liability in Zoning Case

Court Finds No Common Law Dedication of Detention Pond to City

Municipality Not Liable for Sidewalk Trip and Fall

Annexation Agreement Binds Successor Owner of Part of Property

Supreme Court Finds City in Violation of First Amendment for Denying Religious Flag on City’s Flag Pole

Mogan v. City of Chicago

Trinity Sober Living v. Village of Hindsdale




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