Thursday, September 2, 2021

56: Vaccine Mandates

The FDA approved the first COVID-19 vaccine and Ancel Glink’s Mike Halpin joins us to discuss what that means for employers considering vaccine mandates. Then, Andrew Scott tells about recent tort immunity cases local governments should know to avoid liability from lawsuits. Email your questions about immunity from COVID-19 or immunity from lawsuits to! Click here.


Workplace Report

EEOC Offers Long-Awaited Guidance on Vaccinations…e-on.html

Federal Court Upholds Employer Mandate for the COVID-19 Vaccine…date.html

Municipal Minute

Illinois Appellate Court Rules on Tort Immunity Case…tort.html

County Dispatch Services Protected by Tort Immunity Act…d-by.html

Ancel Glink Resource Center

Tort Immunity Handbook


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