Thursday, December 7, 2023

78: New Laws for the New Year

The holiday season is here, and the Quorum Forum podcast team is ready to celebrate! To ring in the New Year, we will be reviewing case law and legislation that our local government listeners should know for 2024. Email your questions to Happy Holidays!




Appellate Court Upholds $1.7 Million in Fines for Violations of Municipal Codes

Illinois General Assembly: Public Act 103-0514

Act Expands Reasons for Remote Attendance by Member of Public Body

Public Body Did Not Act in Bad Faith in FOIA Response

Wisconsin Court Finds University Social Media to be Nonpublic Forum

Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit: Krasno v. Mnookin, 22-3170 Oral Argument

New Law Ties State Library Funding to Policies on Book Bans

Supreme Court Will Hear Cases Involving Local Officials’ Social Media Activities

Sheetz v. County of El Dorado, Colorado 

New Job Posting Law

Court Distinguishes between “Private” and “Personal” Information under FOIA




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