Thursday, March 2, 2023

70: Magistrate Madness (Case Law Update)

This March, we’re headed from the basketball court to a court of law to hear the most important and interesting recent cases affecting local governments from Ancel Glink Today. From social media to sunshine laws, what important issues are impacting your organization? Email us,!




Court Dismisses Lawsuit Based on Refusal of Employees to Get Vaccinated

911 Calls Not Automatically Exempt, But Public Body Not Required to Create Transcript of Calls for FOIA

Appeals Court Decides Challenge to Short-Term Rental Ordinance

Appellate Court Rejects Challenge to Chicago’s Short-Term Rental Ordinance

Seventh Circuit Upholds Digital Sign Ban Citing Recent Supreme Court Case

PAC Says Resumes of Candidates for Elected Office Are Releasable Under FOIA

Municipal Minute Blog

APA-IL Chicago Metro Section Upcoming Programs

TOI Lunch & Learn Webinar – Statements of Economic Interest




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