Thursday, March 3, 2022

62: Sunshine Laws: Recent FOIA and OMA Decisions

Spring is almost here, so we’re celebrating increasing sunshine and sunshine laws with Ancel Glink’s Steve Mahrt and Eugene Bolotnikov! We review important Freedom of Information Act and Open Meeting Act decision that local government should know. Email your FOIA and OMA questions to!




Summary of 2020 PAC Binding Opinions

Summary of 2021 PAC Binding Opinions (FOIA)

Summary of 2021 PAC Binding Opinions (OMA)

Court Rules in Favor of Public Bodies in FOIA Case Involving Security Video Footage

Appellate Court Reverses Order Requiring Release of Records Subject to Protective Order

PAC Finds in Favor of Public Body in Appeal Involving Attorney-Client Privilege FOIA Exemption

PAC FOIA and OMA Website Mostly Restored

Illinois Supreme Court Finds PSEBA Ordinance Invalid

Increasing Impact of the Certificate of Innocence (Or Non-Innocence) Litigation




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