Thursday, December 2, 2021

59: New Laws for 2022!

Local governments are preparing for the new year, and Ancel Glink attorneys are sharing all the new laws they will need to know on Ancel Glink’s Quorum Forum podcast! Call the Quorum Forum Hotline (312.601.9185) to tell us your new year’s resolution, or email your questions to!




Liquor Laws to Know for Phase 5 and Beyond

New Election Laws in Illinois

Quorum Forum Episode 54: Litigation and Legislation

Quorum Forum Episode 58: Taxes!

PAC Finds School Board in Violation of OMA for Conducting Public Comment in Closed Session

PAC Again Wades Into First Amendment Territory in Public Comment Challenge

Governor Signs Land Use and Environmental Legislation

PAC Determines Names of Residents Who Received Parking "Exceptions" Are Releasable

GovLove, Zoning Reform with Jake Seid

Auld Lang Syne - Alexander Nakarada




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